The trick on making a great Banana Cake besides is the texture.. The best Banana breads have the right amount of moist on every bite. Great for desserts but tend to be a favorite for breakfast. Add dried fruit to make it the perfect holiday dessert.

Banana Bread Recipe Ingredients

      Cookware Needed For This Recipe       

      Ingredients For This Recipe                    

  • 3 Bananas
  • 3 Eggs
  • 100g of Sugar (Can also use brown sugar).
  • 10g of Vanilla Sugar
  • Oil 100ml (Can use vegetable oil)
  • All Purpose Flour 100g
  • Baking Powder 10g
  • Cinnamon 5g
  • Salt
  • Mixed Dried Fruit 100g

How To Make This Banana Bread Recipe

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Chop the 3 bananas in small pieces and put them in a bowl. Then add the 100ml of oil, 10g of vanilla sugar, and 3 eggs. Mix them with a fork or potato masher until it’s creamy..

2. Then add 10g of baking powder, 100 grams of sugar in your banana mix and stir. Add 5g of cinnamon, pinch of salt and stir again.

3. Finally, add 100g of flour and 100g of mixed dried fruit and keep on stirring until it’s creamy with small chunks of banana. Pour the mix in the bread silicone pan and you are done! Bake for about one hour or until you insert a tooth pick and it comes out clean.

Important: If you have the silicone pan you don’t need to grease it, if you have a steel pan you will have to grease it before you put the mix..

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