Kid’s Birthday Food Ideas & Recipes


Mini Birthday Cupcakes
Classic sweet treat for kid’s, can’t imagine a kid’s birthday party without these lovely muffins.


Easy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe
Always a great treat treat for birthday parties..


Macaroni & Cheese
Almost every child I know loves mac & cheese, try this mac and cheese casserole recipe.. Delish!


Brazilian Chicken Croquettes
Leave them on the table and watch the kid’s munch away.. Called “Coxinha” in Brazil.. 


Chocolate Truffles
An easy recipe, bite size chocolate fudge balls.. Guaranteed to please both adults and kid’s on their birthday.


Homemade Churros
Sprinkled with some sugar & served alone or with drinks such as hot chocolate. 


Beef Empanadas
Another kid’s favorite, my kid’s love them. Leave a dozen or so on the birthday table if you are making a buffet style birthday.. 


Chicken Nuggets
Chicken nuggets is an American classic traditional dish for kid’s birthday parties.. 


Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream 
Make creamy pistachio ice cream at home with only a few ingredients. Great for kid’s too.


Homemade Vanilla Custard Donuts
Nowadays donuts are found everywhere, they are served at breakfast, birthdays, weddings, they also make great on the go snacks.

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