3 Layer Traditional Chocolate Cake
A moist & hearty chocolate cake that your family will love and enjoy. 


Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe
Enjoy making gorgeous delicious cupcakes with three creamy cheese frosting recipes


New York Cheesecake
Here’s a cheesecake that is New York inspired with a creamy rich texture that will leave anybody coming back for more..


Pastiera Napoletana (Italian Sweet Pie)
Make a tasty classic Italian dessert pie starting from the crust, then the filling, and finally the braiding.


Mini Cupcakes
Great dessert recipes for kid’s birthday’s or any occasion.. Not only are they adorable and cute, they are delicious.


Italian Fried Cream Puff Cakes Called Zeppole
In America you probably know them as fried Italian donuts.. They are so delicious!


Old Fashion Apple Pie
You must have heard the expression, “as American as an apple pie,” at some point in life. Here’s a great traditional homemade apple pie recipe..


Syrniki Cheese Pancake
A russian dish usually served at breakfast or as desserts.. Delicious recipe with a little sweetness added to various cheese ingredients..


Brazilian Flan Cake With Caramel
The flan has a creamy texture made with condensed milk and topped with a sweet caramel sauce reminiscent of a creme brulee. A fun and delicious flan cake to make..


Chocolate Cheesecake With Butter Cookies
In this recipe I sort of used more of a New York style approach with heavy cream and cream cheese..


Red Velvet Birthday Cake
Red Velvet cakes had been made since the 18th century. Cooking recipes called for the use of cocoa to soften the flour and make finer texture velvet cakes…


Kalter Hund No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake
The original Kalter Hund cake recipe is made with butter biscuits however throughout the years people..


Apple Strudel Pastry Pie
Apple Strudel recipe that is great for those of you who don’t want to go through the process of making the dough from scratch. In this case “Puff Pastry dough”…


Homemade Chocolate Brownie Cake
Brownie cakes are a classic sweet dessert treat & the key to a great brownie cake is rich chocolate (and lots of it!). They can be a great day-starter for anyone…


Chocolate Kuchen Pie
This Kuchen pie recipe is very easy to make. I always get compliments from guests and my kids totally love it, it has the moist texture..


Poppy Seed Cake With Lemon & Cheese
It has a creamy cheese texture with a hint of lemon zest that leaves you wanting more. In addition, you get that nutty moist taste from the poppy seeds..


Russian Apple Cake (Shalotka)
Sharlotka is usually baked with apple slices on top of the cake then sprinkled with fluffy powdered sugar.


Pasta Frola Recipe
Popular Argentinian pastry pie that is seeded deep in their traditional food history.


Nutella Fudge Brownie Cakes
This recipe is simple and will have every chocolate lover coming back for more. The brownies have a hearty fudge chocolate taste, great for any occasion..

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