Popcorn Chicken
Chicken made up of small, nibble-sized portions of breaded or battered chicken pieces that have been deep-fried.


Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Parmigiana are two names for the same delectable, mouth-watering meal. It’s a breaded chicken cutlet topped with melting mozzarella..


Honey Sesame Chicken
In this recipe I chopped two chicken breasts then marinated the chicken in eggs and soy sauce..


Kung Pao Chicken
Very Popular Asian dish made with types of proteins, mort popular is chicken.

Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma is a staple street cuisine in Asia and the Middle East. Traditionally served as a chicken sandwich..


Brazilian Chicken Croquette
“Coxinha De Frango” is a well-known street food snack in the country of Brazil and is fun & economical food to make. Think of it as savory dough formed into a chicken drumstick..


BBQ Chicken Wings
The chicken wings is covered with a flour recipe that enhances the perfect crispiness in every bite..


Chicken Nuggets
This is my kid’s favorite recipe, they love them! I have twin boys and they always ask me to put chicken nuggets in their lunch box. Now it became a Friday nugget event..


Chicken Chow Mein
There are many variations of Chicken Chow Mein dishes, this recipe is a traditional chicken chow mein recipes and it’s how we do it at home in China…


Arroz Con Pollo
The rice is slowly cooked with chicken which allows the it to be very tender and the rice becomes very fluffy soaking up all the juices from the chicken…


Kung Pao Chicken
This Kung Pao chicken recipe is an authentic Chinese recipe and tastes very much like the  Kung Pao dish we eat at Panda Express…

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