5 Most Popular Easter Dishes Worldwide
What are people cooking for Easter? Fun survey of over 100 000 people were asked what traditional Easter dishes will they feast on this year.
Pizza Di Pasqua  – Italian Easter Bread
A traditional cake like panettone served on Easter… Made with Anise Seeds and Sultana or Candied raisins.
Oven Baked Lamb Chops With Roasted Potatoes
This easy traditional Easter recipe is an excellent way to feed relatives & friends at the weekend. Roasting lamb chops is much more effortless than juggling multiple frying pans..
Italian Easter Pie (Pastiera)
It’s an Italian Easter Pie or Tart that is made with eggs, precooked wheat, lemon zest and ricotta. A classic Easter dish that for some reason is mainly served on Easter..
One of the most popular American dishes served on Easter.
Torta Di Pasqua (Italian Easter Cheese Bread Cake)
A traditional Easter bread cake that is popular not only in Italy but world wide.. Known in Italy as “Torta Di Pasqua” Or “Pizza Di Pasqua” Or some call it “Torta Al Formaggio”…
Momma’s Meatloaf
A traditional dish that is often served on Easter. Made with ground beef, veal, or pork.
Honey Glazed Ham
This dish is probably the most cooked meal on Holidays like Christmas and Easter.
Moussaka is basically not an everyday food dish and is usually served in small square shaped pieces on Holidays such as Easter and Christmas.
Poppy Seed Cake With Cheese
A classic German dish served on Holidays.. 
It has a creamy cheese texture with a hint of lemon zest that leaves you wanting more..
Lasagna Al Forno
Baked slowly in a round pot or rectangular pan with veal and pork thus making the flavors cook and blend together perfect for family get togethers and holidays..

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