Mango Fruit Mousse
This recipe was requested by one of our visitors.. We were delighted to make it. The Mango Mousse Pudding Dessert is a very popular dish served all over the world..
Brazilian Flan Recipe (Pudim De Leite Condensado)
Made famous in Portugal.. History tells us that this flan dessert in the ancient days was called “Pudim De Priscos” a recipe that has been dedicated..
Kibbeh made with beef became a sensation in Brazil, they are now served in almost every street corner of San Paulo…
Easy chocolate truffles recipe. Taste great and are addicting but yet look so lovely.. Enjoy to making them once and awhile..
Coxinha is a well-known street food snack in the country of Brazil and is fun & economical food to make. Think of it as savory dough formed into a chicken drumstick..
Manjar Branco is a Brazilian dish and is similar to what they call “coconut flan or coconut pudding” in the western world…
These Brazilian cheese breads are easy to make and delicious!.. My kids go crazy for them. Can be served between meals for a snack, appetizers..
This recipe has been passed on through generations in Brazil. The corn cream has a sweet, nutty taste..
In Brazil they call it “Mousse Do Maracuja” it has been one of their traditional preferred desserts for ages.. Maracuja is a yellow fruit thats in the passion fruit family…
Torta Salgada (Brazilian Ham Pie)
Torta Salgada means “Savory Pie” in english.. Found an old recipe book that belonged to my mom..
Gelatina De Morango (Strawberry Mousse Recipe)
In Brazil “Gelatina De Morango” is Strawberry Mousse.. I love this recipe, it’s light and refreshing and makes a great dessert after any meal…
Brigadeiro is often eaten as a snack or served as a dessert. This traditional Brigadeiro recipe is very simple and easy…

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