Kung Pao Chicken
Best recipes found for King Pao dish plus a little history and origins.
Honey Sesame Chicken
The chicken is then deep fried in oil until cooked and crispy. After the chicken pieces are cooked I tossed them in the honey sauce and added sesame seeds. 
They are delicious, juicy and crispy. Fry them until golden (about 7 to 10 minutes for that extra crispiness). One of our most popular recipes on youtube.

Homemade Beef Egg Rolls Recipe
Make egg rolls at home just like they make them in your favorite Chinese restaurants. Easy, delicious recipe that is sure to please your taste buds..
A favorite dish in the Asian world.. Different recipe modifications of rice paper rolls are found in China, Japan, and Vietnam.. One thing is for sure, they are crazy delish and super healthy!
Homemade video recipe made by “Kim” one of our visitors who lives in china. Chicken Chow mein is a staple dish in china.
The Chinese Dumplings in this recipe are done with ground beef however you can replace the beef with ground pork, lamb or shredded chicken…
Authentic Chinese recipe and tastes very much like the  Kung Pao dish we eat at Panda Express. It’s tasty and easy to make…
From Kim: “There are so many variations of chicken fried rice today however this recipe is the original chicken fried rice in China where I live.”

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