Manjar Branco is a Brazilian dish and is similar to what they call “coconut flan or coconut pudding” in the western world. The sweet tasty dessert is created in a ring mold and is served with a sauce made of pitted prunes poached in port wine. Manjar Branco tends to be a favorite in Brazil especially on Holidays like Christmas and New Years…

Cookware Needed For This Recipe:
– 1/3 Cup Of Sugar
– 1/2 Cup Of Maizena Corn Starch
– 200ml Of Coconut Milk

– 1 Can of Condensed Milk
– 2 Cups Of Milk
– 1 Cup Of Plums In Syrup (Quantity Is To Your Desire)

How To Make This Coconut Flan Recipe (Manjar Branco)

1. In a bowl add the Maizena (corn starch) with the coconut milk and mix well with a whisk, then add the condensed milk, sugar, regular milk and keep on mixing until there are no lumps and batter is creamy..

2. Then pour the flan batter in a pan and heat on medium heat for 15 minutes. The liquid will turn into a thick pudding like cream. Pour the cream in a nonstick ring mold and place it in the fridge with no cover for 6 hours.

coconut flan

3. After 6 hours in the fridge the cream will turn into a flan texture.. Carefully pass a knife on the edges of the mold so the flan can come out easier when flipped over. Once you flip it over you can decorate the flan with the plums and syrup. Enjoy this great dessert!

plum syrup

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