Brownie cake came from a cook at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel in the late 19th century. It all started when Bertha Palmer want to make request a special sweet dessert for ladies attending the famous Chicago 1893 World Fair. Brownie cakes are a classic sweet dessert treat & the key to a great brownie cake is rich chocolate (and lots of it!). 

They can be a great day-starter for anyone. You can eat this cake with your breakfast with milk or you can enjoy this delicious chocolate treat as a dessert. There are so many recipe variations for brownie cakes across the world it has become a staple of American cuisine. 

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Chocolate Brownie Cake Recipe Ingredients



Ingredients For The Brownie Cake
  • Dark Chocolate (350g)
  • Butter (230g)
  • Brown Sugar (200g)
  • 4 Eggs
  • 2 Yolks
  • Flour (160g)
  • Cocoa Powder (5 Tablespoons)


Ingredients For The Topping (Ganache)
  • Dark Chocolate (200g)
  • Heavy Cream (150ml)

How To Make This Chocolate Brownie Cake

1. Break or cut the dark chocolate into small (half inch) pieces and put them in a microwave safe mixing bowl, then add the butter for melting. For this recipe I used a microwave to melt the chocolate, make sure you check the chocolate every 15 seconds and stir with a spatula vigorously. When it’s 3/4 melted take it out of the microwave and keep stirring until it’s all melted.

You can also melt the chocolate in a pan on a stove top, if you use this method make sure you keep it on low heat and stir frequently, you don’t want to burn the chocolate at the bottom of the pan. Another method used often is steam bathing the chocolate. This method is basically steaming the chocolate until it’s all melted.

2. Once the chocolate is evenly melted add the brown sugar and stir, then add the 2 egg yolks, 4 eggs and keep on stirring until the chocolate batter is well mixed.

3. Now pour the cocoa powder into the mix through a strain sifter and stir, then do the same with the flour and keep on stirring slowly until all ingredients are well blended.

cocoa and flour sifter


4. Pour the chocolate batter into the cake pan and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees F.

chocolate in cake pan


Preparing The Chocolate Ganache

5. In a mixing bowl add 200g of dark chocolate (half inch pieces) and pour 150 ml of hot heavy cream on them and stir vigorously until it’s all melted. Then cover with a plastic wrap and place the ganache into fridge for 3 hours.

pouring heavy cream on chocolate


6. Go back to your brownie cake in the oven, take it out when it’s done. Run a knife through the edges so the cake slides off easily when you flip over the cake pan to place it on the cake board.

passing a knife through the edges of the brownie cake


7. When the brownie cake is on the cake board set aside until it’s ready to be topped with the chocolate ganache.

8. Now your ganache has been in the fridge for about 3 hours, take it out and mix it with a hand mixer until it becomes into a chocolate paste. Then top the brownie cake evenly with the ganache.

Top with chocolate ganache


9. Feel free to decorate the brownie cake to your liking.. Enjoy!

decorating the chocolate brownie cake

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