3 Layer Chocolate Cake
Very popular American style moist chocolate cake with 3 layers..

Panna Cotta Recipe (Italian Dessert)
In this recipe I made some vanilla Panna Cotta desserts with 4 different topping ideas.. Easy and simple..

Old Fashion Apple Pie
Here’s a great traditional homemade apple pie recipe that you and your family can enjoy for dessert.. Hearty, Easy and super Delish!

Banana Split Dessert
The classic banana split is an ice cream dessert garnished with fruit, and given atop a banana that had been split lengthwise down the center…

Zeppole (Italian Fried Cream Puff Pastry)
A fried fritter paired with custard cream and cherry syrup..

Chocolate Ice Cream
How to make an easy creamy chocolate ice cream with only 3 ingredients.

Red Velvet Cupcakes For Dessert
Who doesn’t love a moist tasty muffin with a creamy cheese frosting for dessert paired with coffee or tea..

Pastiera Napoletanoa (Sweet Ricotta Pie)
Great traditional Italian inspired pie served on holidays as a dessert.. 

Tiramisu is one of the most loved and well-known Italian desserts eaten with a spoon. It is the fifth most acknowledged Italian word..

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Coined as the most romantic dessert.. A great dessert choice for intimate dinners.. Date night, Anniversaries..

Creme Brulee
A classic french dessert.. A 
traditional custard dessert usually consists of egg yolks, cream, bit of sugar, & vanilla, with a hard toffee crust…

New York Cheesecake
The great city has taken the dessert to another level and have literally rewritten the cheesecake..

Apple Strudel
A great dessert dish for holidays or any occasion inspired by German cuisine.

Heart Shaped Shortbread Cookies
Usually served as a small spuntino dessert with coffee or tea after a main course meal.

Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream
In this ice cream recipe we used a few simple ingredients. We also added some crushed pistachio nuts.. A sweet delight!..

A Russian inspired cake that can be served as a dessert or any time of the day.

Mango Mousse Pudding
Mango fruit mousse has a creamy texture and refreshing fruity taste with every scoop.. Great easy and delicious recipe to serve as a dessert..

Creamy Custard Donuts
Nowadays donuts are found everywhere, they are served at breakfast, parties, weddings, as desserts, business meetings..

Brazilian Flan Cake
History tells us that this flan dessert in the ancient days was called “Pudim De Priscos” a recipe that has been dedicated…

Red Velvet Cake
After a main course meal, there is always space for a piece of a moist delicious red velvet cake.

Churros With Chocolate Dip
Irresistible even when your tummy is full after a main course meal.

Syrniki Cheese Pancakes
Russian dish that is served at breakfast or as a dessert topped with fruits or jam.

Italian Sweet Easter Bread
“Pizza Di Pasqua” A panettone like bread that is usually served at breakfast or dessert especially on holidays.. 

Kalter Hund No Bake Chocolate Cake
Kalter Hund is a traditional German Recipe that goes back pre WWII and ever since has been coined as the German no bake dessert…

Mini Birthday Cupcakes
A lovely dessert choice on kid’s birthdays.

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