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April Fools Day History & Origins + Top Food Pranks (Recipe Ideas)

April Fools’ Day, which is observed on April 1 every year, has been observed by several civilizations for millennia, however its actual roots are unknown. Playing convenient pranks or scams on someone else is a common April Fools’ Day custom, with the phrase “April Fools!” being yelled at the conclusion to reveal the topic of the April Fools’ Day joke. Whereas the origins of April Fools’ Day are unknown, the main stream media and large corporations’ acceptance of the unauthorized holiday has assured its longevity.

Brief History of April Fools’ Day & Origins

April Fools’ Day, according to certain scholars, began in 1582, as France moved first from Julian towards the Gregorian calendars, as required first by Council of Trent in 1563. The first year started inside the Julian Calendar, just like it did in the Hindu calendar, on April 1st, following the spring equinox.

Those who’ve been slow to understand that the beginning of the new year had been changed to January 1 and proceeded to enjoy it throughout the first week of March to April 1 were the target of laughs and pranks and were dubbed “April fools.” Paper fish were put on the back sides, and they were known to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), which is thought to represent a youthful, easily captured fish and a naive individual.

During the 18th century, April Fools’ Day became popular across the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the culture evolved into a two-day occasion, beginning with “chasing the gowk,” wherein individuals have been dispatched on fictitious daily tasks (gowk is a Scottish word for “fool”), and ending with Tailie Day, that involved stunts on everyone’s backs, such as trying to pin counterfeit tail feathers or “kick me” symbols on eachother.

Hilaria in Ancient Rome

Scholars also have related April Fools’ Day to celebrations like Hilaria (Latin meaning cheerful), that had been observed by devotees of the goddess of Cybele in roman Times just at conclusion of March. It was supposed to be influenced by the Egyptian legends of Isis, Osiris, and Seth, and entailed individuals getting dressed up in costumes and insulting compatriots and even judges.

April Fools’ Day and the Vernal Equinox

There was also a theory that April Fools’ Day had been inspired by the spring equinox, or day one of springtime there in Northern Hemisphere, whenever Mother Nature played tricks on humans with unexpected weather conditions.

Famous April Fool’s Day Jokes

People have been going to considerable lengths to devise intricate April Fools’ Day pranks in contemporary times. Magazines, radio and television networks, and internet have all reported on ridiculous false statements that have deceived their viewers on April 1st.

In 1957, the BBC commented on a historic spaghetti production in Switzerland, including images of individuals plucking spaghetti from tree branches. Several readers were duped in 1985 when Sports Illustrated author George Plimpton published a made-up story about a young pitcher called Sidd Finch who would hurl a fastball above 168 miles an hour.

Previous President Richard Nixon announced his candidacy for president once more on National Public Radio in 1992… Only this time this was a performer, not Nixon, and the whole thing was an April Fools’ Day hoax that took the whole country off guard.

When Taco Bell, a fast-food franchise business, declared in 1996 that it had decided to buy Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and rebrand it the Taco Liberty Bell, it deceived the public. Hundreds of people ordered the bogus sandwich when Burger King promoted a “Left-Handed Whopper” in 1998.

Google’s April Fools’ Day hoax has featured anything from “mind – reading searches” to the opportunity to execute Pac Man on Google Maps.

The classic April Fools’ Day prank of concealing the bathroom with plastic wrapping or changing out salt and sugar has always been handy to the common prankster.

Some Top Food Pranks & Recipes Ideas

Below are some food pranks for April fools day along with their recipes.. Courtesy of youtube.

April Fools Day Prank Breakfast
Dust some cocoa on sliced butter cake to make them look like slices of toast, use ice cream to make the eggs and how to make sausages with cookie crumbs…

Chicken Nuggets & Fries (Prank Recipe)
How to make chicken nuggets, french fries, milk shake and ketchup all with cake, cookies and icing.

Grilled Cheese Desserts
Fun and great tasting grilled cheese desserts made with pound cake and frosting.

Fake Cake Pops With Meatballs
Here’s a good one from Food Network.. You can also substitute meatballs with brussel sprouts.

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